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1 [Sprite] Akagi on Sob Sty 09, 2010 1:07 pm

Akagi Shigeru

So, it's time to repost my sprites, let's go go go.

That's Normal Akagi, Shigeru. (No, I don't care those names are taken. Cry more.) (Kobushi before, Akagi is just THAT AWESOME)

Credits go to:
Base - ShadowHunter
Armor - Godofhell
Hair - Majin Bear, Angryboy
Head Plate - Godofhell
Special Moves - Magus Gate, Nightmare

Next, we have Akagi's Electic Element Transformation:

Credits should be on the Sprite.

-King of Braves
-King of Hearts
-King of Heroes

Well yea, his suit is supprosed to be black pants, jacket and white shirt. The wings basicaly rip off the jacket leaving white shirt.

Ostatnio zmieniony przez Akagi Shigeru dnia Sob Sty 09, 2010 10:36 pm, w całości zmieniany 2 razy

2 Re: [Sprite] Akagi on Sob Sty 09, 2010 1:15 pm


Bronze Saint
Bronze Saint
Oh my God =/
I don't understand so much English language, so i can only say to You:
Hair's just Rocks : P
First Sprite is awesome. In this Sptie all is good :P
Second Sprite just Sucks =/ White shirt? OMG :<

8/10 for all

3 Re: [Sprite] Akagi on Sob Sty 09, 2010 2:31 pm


Uuuu ... r weak but very weak as the first is not bad, weak hair, shadows or not nice small quantity of clothing items I do not like. This item is a strange but what I will give you an assessment hmm 5 / 10

4 Re: [Sprite] Akagi on Nie Lut 07, 2010 10:56 am


Your sprite is .. umm.. shit.xD
Shading sucks, Write Subtitles after putting background...
Za Warudo shitest version of it i've ever seen xD
Burst Stream of Destruction, nice effect.
Giant ship.. oh, umm... it''s bigger than 50% of maps xd
Second one.Bigger Spaceship?Omfg...
Subtitles still sucks... and don' tell users to put sprite on wings, we are too Lazy :P
Shading still sucks, work, work, work :P

Akcja "Oceniam Kreatywnie"- 1kp.

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